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AquaTru Review By Healthy 73 year old.

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By Healthy 73 year old. from Largo, FL On 12/17/2020

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Best health update I've done EVER!

First of all, it's counter top convenient. I run it almost every day. It has helped wash out toxins from my body and I'm not adding more junk from the bad tap water. The water here smells like chlorine and tastes terrible. The Aqua Tru tastes refreshing and gives me energy. My sisters have been trying the water and will be getting their own soon. Now they don't drink enough water because the water here in Florida is so bad. I hate spending money on myself but I have to admit that this Aqua Tru is well worth it. I've liked this machine from the first time I tried it. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to feel better.

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